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Look Bunny Find Craft Activities and Recipes are fun, easy to follow and inexpensive ideas of things to make with our children at home.We aim to only provide crafts, activities and recipes that can be made from items recycled or found around the home however, our crafts & activities are easily adaptable to suit the materials you have available and the age of your children.

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Kid made Bird-feeder


Kid Made Bird-feeder


Here’s a fun and simple way to get your kids engaged with the nature


Bird Feeder Materials:

Toilet paper rolls

Peanut butter

Bird seed

Spreading tools (we used butter knives)

bird feeder 1



Give each child a toilet paper roll and have them carefully cover it in peanut butter.

Once covered have kids roll the toilet roll in bird seed

That’s it! Once the feeder is covered in seed it is ready to be hung

It is amazing how such a simple craft can bring such great joy


Hope you enjoyed this craft and please come back again for some more fun craft ideas to do with kids



Thank you to for this amazing idea

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